Home Mortgage

Home Mortgage

Our experienced Home Mortgage Team gives you our best rate the first time and all mortgage loan decisions are made locally. We offer several convenient home mortgage options. Plus, our expert home mortgage staff is here to help you through any complexities in the home purchase or refinance process.

You can get a competitively low rate and terms that fit your family because you should be comfortable in your home, and that includes your mortgage payments.

Call (850) 907-2300 today for information and rates on Home Mortgages (new and existing), Home Refinance, or Construction and Construction/Perm loans.

Ask for Laura Jo Hewitt (NMLS# 775253), April Brueckheimer Dean (NMLS# 1303118), Christie Powis (NMLS# 658197), Adrienne Granger (NMLS# 451760), Sheila Rogers (NMLS# 499896) or see the Lenders tab below.

  • Several convenient home mortgage options and programs available
  • Competitively low rates across the board
  • Flexible terms to fit you and your family
  • Local Tallahassee home equity loan decisions
  • Dedicated service to see you through the home-buying process
  • Plus, we can also help you refinance your home!

All loans subject to credit approval.


Prime Meridian Bank may be able to help you lower the cost of your monthly mortgage payment. Contact our team to see if you save with a better rate!

Is Refinancing Right for You?

  • Determine how much refinancing at a new rate will save you per month.
  • Evaluate the closing costs associated with refinancing your current mortgage.
  • Calculate how many months it will take for your savings to equal your closing costs.

Once your savings can offset your closing costs, this is your break-even point. Each additional month you stay in your home past that time is savings in your pocket. Of course, we're more than happy to do the number-cruching for you and figure out a refinance plan that's in your family's best interests.


Laura Jo Hewitt

Vice President / Mortgage Lending Manager

NMLS # 775253

Phone (850) 907-2344

Specializes In: Home Mortgages, Consumer Loans


April Brueckheimer Dean

Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS# 1303118

Phone (850) 907-2338 or (850) 567-0695

Specializes In: Home Mortgages


Christie Powis

Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS # 658187

Phone (850) 907-2334 or (850) 766-9413

Specializes In: Home Mortgages

adrienne granger mortgage

Adrienne Granger

Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS # 451760

Phone (850) 907-2398 or (850) 509-5051

Specializes In: Home Mortgages


Sheila B. Rogers

Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS # 499896

Phone (850) 907-2315 or (850) 567-6511

Specializes In: Home Mortgages

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