Meet Our Lenders

Meet Our Lenders

Prime Meridian Bank (NMLS# 393620) provides a variety of loan products including equipment and small business loans, commercial real estate loans and business lines of credit. Our line of personal loan products include home mortgages, home equity loans, personal lines of credit, automobile loans and consumer loans. Because Prime Meridian Bank is Tallahassee's true community bank, all lending decisions are made right here, ensuring the swift and timely responses you need and deserve! Please contact one of our experienced lenders listed below or call (850) 907-2300 for more information.

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Sammie Dixon

CEO and President

Phone: (850) 907-2345

Specializes In: Commercial Loans, Consumer Loans


Chris Jensen

Executive Vice President, Senior Lender

NMLS#: 779876

Phone: (850) 907-2322

Specializes In: Commercial Loans, Consumer Loans


Philip Pomeroy

Vice President, Commercial Lender

NMLS#: 170650

Phone: (850) 907-2346

Specializes In: New Home Construction Financing, Commercial Loans, Consumer Loans


Laura Jo Hewitt

Vice President, Lending Officer

NMLS#: 775253

Phone: (850) 907-2344

Specializes In: Home Mortgages, Consumer Loans


Chris Edwards

Vice President, Commercial Lending

NMLS#: 486522

Phone: (850) 907-2359

Specializes In: Commercial Loans, Consumer Loans


Lew Moore

Vice President, Relationship Manager

NMLS#: 675441

Phone: (850) 907-2364

Specializes In: Commercial Loans, Consumer Loans


Tyler Harris

Assistant Vice President, Commercial Lending

NMLS#: 500764

Phone: (850) 907-2317

Specializes In: Consumer Loans, Commercial Loans


April Brueckheimer Dean

Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS#: 1303118

Phone: (850) 907-2300 or (850) 567-0695

Specializes In: Home Mortgages


Christie Powis

Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS#: 658187

Phone: (850) 907-2334 or (850) 766-9413

Specializes In: Home Mortgages