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Debit Card

Connect your available balance to your wallet with a simple piece of plastic. A MasterCard® debit card lets you access your cash without having to carry loose bills or write checks. Make debit card purchases at checkout, whether online or at the register.

Or, use your debit card to withdraw funds at the ATM. It's quick, easy, and simple to swipe.

Find a MoneyPass ATM

  • Free debit card with any Prime Meridian Bank checking account
  • Accepted worldwide
  • Links directly to your checking account balance
  • Funds deducted automatically
  • Make purchases at checkout, even online
  • Withdraw cash at the ATM
  • Quicker and more secure than writing a check
  • Easier than carrying cash

An ATM card lets you withdraw cash at the ATM just like a debit card, and deducts funds automatically from your account. But with an ATM card, you can't make debit purchases — an ideal solution to cut back on impulse purchases or reign in your spending. Plus, ATM cards are also free with PMB checking accounts!

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