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Fraud Prevention Tools

Tools You Can Use to Help Reduce the Risk of Fraud

Prime Meridian Bank offers services to reduce fraud and increase security for our clients. Positive Pay, ACH Fraud Filters and Secure Tokens have features designed to allow clients to manage and protect their accounts. 

Call our Treasury Management Team at (850) 907-2387 or email [email protected] for details and pricing.

Positive Pay

Within Positive Pay, the authorized signers will upload a CSV file or utilize direct input within Online Banking, detailing the serial numbers and amounts of checks written on a daily basis. 

The program flags any check presented or check converted to ACH where either the serial number and/or amount does not match items in the file. 

An account signer or other authorized individual would review the flagged item(s) and decide whether to pay or return the item(s) each morning through Online Banking before 10:00 a.m. EST. 

ACH Fraud Filters

ACH Fraud Filters monitors ACH debits and credits that attempt to clear the bank account. The client would provide Prime Meridian Bank with a list of approved vendors expected for each vendor’s electronic transaction. The Fraud Filters will allow an approved ACH item to clear the account automatically based on the Company ID number.

Any ACH transaction that does not meet the criteria would be reported to the client as an exception item via email to obtain the payment decision. 

Secure Tokens

The implementation of Secure Tokens to access the Business Online Banking system is the result of our commitment to ensure our clients have access to state-of-the-art security technology. The use of Secure Tokens compliments the robust security features that currently reside within our Business Online Banking solution. Secure Tokens add another layer of protection to your everyday transactions by requiring online banking users to input a unique code generated by the token upon each log in to Online Banking.

We have three types of tokens available:

  • Virtual App-based Token*
  • Virtual Desktop-based Token
  • Physical Fob Token 

*Virtual Tokens will be provided at no charge up to 10 issuances per year.

**A single physical token will be provided to up to three (3) Cash Users at no charge.

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