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Online Cash Management

Streamline your company finances online through our easy-to-use cash management suite. Set up direct deposit payroll. Collect or make electronic payments.

Online cash management puts control of your finances in one place while reducing your paper trail and administrative burden. Plus, set customizable employee controls and limitations. So you can delegate with peace of mind.

  • Simpify complex finances through an easy online dashboard
  • Set up payroll direct deposit
  • Initiate ACH credits and debits
  • Multiple users allowed — including customizable levels of access
  • Plus, basic online banking and bill pay features are included at no extra cost!

Automated Clearing House (ACH) services let you debit or credit an account, so you can simplify the payment process. Bill customers directly, without requiring a credit or debit card. Plus, pay vendors or employees securely and electronically — less paperwork and delays in delivery.

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