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Account Protection

Best Practices to Protect your Account from Fraud

Fraud and cyber risks are ever changing and emerging. We encourage you to be aware of the threats and learn what you can do to protect your account.

Review your account activity, daily, through Online Banking or our telephone banking service. Report unauthorized or fraudulent transactions as quickly as possible by calling one of our office locations.

Check Fraud

  • Review images of cleared checks
  • Verify the payee name, dollar amount, and other details on the check to ensure it is legitimate
  • Look for alterations to legitimate checks including forged signatures and dollar amounts
  • Timely reconcile your bank accounts and report unauthorized activity to bank as soon as possible.
  • Inquire with us about our Positive Pay check fraud prevention service

Card, ACH and Wire Transfer Fraud

Online Fraud

  • Do not click on links or open any attachments or pop-up screens from sources you are not familiar with, and NEVER give your password, account number or PIN to anyone.
  • Keep your computers and mobile devices up to date. Having the latest security software, web browser, and operating system are the best defenses against viruses, malware and other online threats.
  • Learn to recognize and avoid bogus website links.  Hover over suspicious links to view the actual URL you are being routed to.
  • Change your security settings to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for accounts that support it. MFA is a second step to verify who you are, like a text with a code.
  • Inquire with us about our Secure Tokens to provide an additional authentication measure for Online Banking

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