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Switch Kit

Service starts the moment you open a Prime Meridian Bank checking account. You'll be amazed at how easy we've made the switching process for you. We'll help you move your direct deposits and automatic debits and find the perfect checking account to fit your lifestyle. So, let's get started!

I'm ready to switch but may need some help

Please call 850-907-2300 or contact us to schedule a meeting with a bank representative at a time convenient to you. During the meeting we will guide you through the switch process and can even do the setup of new Payees for you. (Remember to bring your previous bank statement(s), login(s) and password(s), and direct deposit information with you).

I want to do it myself

We've listed the necessary forms below to switch your current checking account services. You can print and fill them out on your own, then bring them to Prime Meridian Bank when you open your new checking account, or we'll be happy to assist you with completing and mailing the forms when you stop by.

Any financial representative will be happy to assist you with filling out the forms. We even include a convenient checklist to keep track of people you may need to contact.

Finally, you should close your old account. Check your old direct deposits and automatic payments to make sure they are being made on your new Prime Meridian account. Then mail the Account Closing Request Form to your old bank.

That's all there is to it!

Switch Checklist

Account Closing Request Form

Direct Deposit Form

Authorization To Change Automatic Payment

Bill Pay Form

Business Account Application

Personal Account Application